Inclined Stair Platform Lift – The Fun Solution to a Second Floor

Inclined stair platform lifts are another option when considering wheelchair accessibility in an existing home. Wheel chair lifts that are commercially used – the vertical kind, are not always practical in a home setting this site.

Inclined stair platforms can be installed to follow the path of the existing stairway in a straight or in curvy manner. They can be installed inside the house or outside. Made of sturdy yet lightweight material they an coated against the elements when in outdoor use.

Incline platform lifts are practical for a wheelchair lift for one step only. The can be mounted onto an outside fence wall and allow the wheelchair user easy access to his or hers home, without the need for assistance.

Inside the house they can solve the problem of a second floor. No big architectural changes are needed and the inclined stair lift can be mounted inside or outside the stairway and the platform can be folded up to allow foot traffic.

According to the model they can be electrical or battery operated, with a soft start and stop and low noise level.

Inclined stair platform lift prices vary with the model and the shape of the house. They are designed and installed individually to accommodate the specific needs of the wheelchair user.

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